• I am artist living and working in LA

    I work mostly in crafts, including clay, sewing, knitting, and carpentry

    I try to reconcile sincerity and metaphysics with irony and deconstruction

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  • Totem Fetish

    "Totem Fetish" is an ongoing multimedia project for articulating a metaphysical model inspired by various mystical traditions and Jungian psychology.


    the mandala is the esoteric representation of my model. it is rendered on the ancient seed of life design, and inspired by the tree of life in kabbalah and the planetary archetypes in astrology. it is made of felt, cardboard, and particle board. the planets are magnetic and removable for performance purposes


    the shrine is the exoteric illustration of the twelve archetypes in a landscape, each corresponding to one of twelve regions designed to hold objects made based on responses an accompanying participation project


    i ask people to contribute their free associations on small anonymous papers

    from which i am making oven-bake idols that populate the shrine

    Shrine (detail)

    as the shrine begins to fill with idols, their regionality is meant evoke similar interpretations to the descriptions that first inspired them


    the throne and surrounding set up represents the realm of iauiugu, the avatar for my least-conscious or developed impulses


    the iauiugu costume consists of a halo, wig, rosary, and tail

    the wax-coated ceramic doll is iauiugu's first fetish in the video series, an object defined in anthropology as an object of sacred and religious importance. the creature, which iauiugu calls a baby, is the second.


    the creature symbolizes the reduction of life experience to singular ways in and out

    observing reduced from the five senses to a 'mouth,' expressing from limbs and sound to a 'tail'


    the freudian yoni and phallus, taoist ying and yang, pop neurological right and left brain

    forms and forces recognizable in all living things


    as genitalia, the creature is reduced to the foundation of life -- the reproductive system

    genitalia also being the excretory system, reminders of our materiality and mortality


    they illicit expletives of emotional clarity -- being shitty, pissy, an asshole, pussy, dick, cunt, fuck

    things that often underlie rationalized behaviors, the primal made reasonable


    Iauiugu and Baby I

    the continuing video series follows iauiugu 'raising' the creature through four stages of development

    Juvenilia and Ephemera

    juvenilia and ephemera intimate the ideas and labor behind the work

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