• About Michael

    I primarily work with craft materials to make things about identity and its cosmologies.


    I am currently focused on a project titled 'totem fetish,' in which I try to essentialize my worldview into a closed metaphysical model, exploring the efficacy of sincerity, vulnerability, and irrationality in our ironic, relativist, and deterministic times.

    As globalization blurs ethnocultural distinctions and with technology further blurs social categories and complexifies communities, what could fill the voids and buffer backlashes that this revolution is creating? What have we abandoned that we still need?

    The above tabs link to various series of works, or you can scroll down through. Thank you for visiting.

  • Totem Fetish

    preliminary photos of my MFA thesis


    an allegorical diorama of the world


    a simple representation of an appropriated model

    Juvenilia, Ephemera, Participation Project

    items between the scenes

    Throne, Baby

    and other props of a continuing video series

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